cxm (cobain_x_mortis) wrote in thecommunity,

I'm addicted to making communities!

interfaith_talk for anyone of any faith to come talk religion

forever_nirvana a Nirvana community for the Nirvana fans who remember when Kurt was alive, 18+ comm, We're not trying to say all young Nirvana fans are cobainites, but it's for people that remember when he was alive and can share memories

your_songs_bite have you ever heard a song that is just so stupid you HAVE to make fun of it, well here's your new home. Post any and all lyrics you find stupid or mock worthy and make sarcastic witty remarks along the way.

fuck_being_pc anything goes, say your opinions no matter how politically incorrect they may be

im_amused for posting funny IM conversations PLEASE read the rules before posting.
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