Rose Oscura (kaycar11) wrote in thecommunity,
Rose Oscura

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Come join vtn! There are VERY nice makers, and members. It's a growing graphics community that offers FREE things for you to request. So why NOT?

Come see disenas!
Over TEN current makers and we're looking for more!
It's a maker's choice community! Makers post a freebie and members can request to have one personalized.
VERY active! At LEAST two posts a day!
Gaining over five members a day, and every day a new maker applies.
VERY nice members/makers!!
VERY few rules!
I t doesn't take any money to join. Only a few seconds of your time. And you can have MANY personalized graphics made, or become a maker yourself! What do you have to lose for requesting something pretty?

Thank you for considering, and you have free power to delete this if it's unwanted. Please contact the journal name if you don't wish to know about graphic communities.

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