Devin/Andrea (yobadself) wrote in thecommunity,

Love, Sex, and Relationship Questions

I created a community found at sexandlove.

This community is dedicated to answering any and all questions you may have about sex, love, sexuality, and relationships in general. Whereas some other LJ sex communities expect you to refer to the FAQs for answers to common questions, in this community, it doesn't matter how often a question is asked - we will always be willing to answer your questions, no matter how many times it's been asked in the past.

Questions about sexual techniques, tips, love advice, relationship problems, fights with friends, and so on will be discussed here.

My goal with this community is to provide a place where young adults of any gender, orientation, race, etc. will be able to come together to help one another out during some of the difficult times life throws our way.

No hate of any kind will be permitted in this community. Any comments viewed by the moderator as harmful, obscene, or inappropriate will be deleted. The user will be given *one* warning, and any future flames will result in the user responsible being promptly banned from the community.

Also, this is *not* the place to post quizzes or surveys of *any* kind. There are plenty of other communities for posting such things, so please don't post them here. Thank you.

Feel free to post about any love, sex, and relationship questions or suggestions. Anyone may post and/or reply, so just have fun, be supportive, and have at it!

Thank you,
Devin [moderator]
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