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Advertise your art community!

Got an art community? Belong to an art community? Post it in ljuser_art, the art community community!

Sculpture community, photo community, painting community, artist community, art school community, you get the idea.

Check out the ljuser_art userinfo and post an entry - we're hoping to get a list going so that people can check by and find the right art community for them.

It'll only take a second and it's making life a little easier for people 1) without paid accounts, 2) faced with the dilemma of "which art community should I join?" and 3) the people at communitysearch (which is where I hope the list will go).

I know there are a lot of art communities out there.. chances are you're in one. What does it take? Only two seconds to post the name of the community and a one-line description.


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