stopreadingmyjournalyounosybastard (rattbastard) wrote in thecommunity,

pimpin' my communities...

xinsomniacsx This is a community that i am trying to get off the ground to give myself and others something to do late at night when very few people are up and posting to our friends lists. join and make it a hoppin place to be at 4am.

badlyrics post your songs...whether you think theyre good or you think they suck. heres a place for you to bounce em off some random strangers and get an honest opinion.

livemusictrader this is a community for trading (NOT SELLING) of live recordings on cd. only non-commercial material (ie live albums are not allowed) is to be traded in here.

rate_the_freak a somewhat inactive rating community for those of us that are different from the crowd that i am trying to revive...think youre freaky enough?? come in and make this community cool again.
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