Rose Oscura (kaycar11) wrote in thecommunity,
Rose Oscura

Join __beauty_within, a community for all those people who believe that they have inner beauty that should shine and be recognized by others. It's already active, and we're looking for new members to join us in our beautiful intentions. I hope many of you will join us! With our new point system that allows you to auto-accept, and auto-reject members if you stay active, I'd come join right away and join in the fun.

Join s0_beautifull, a community that judges your inner beauty and outer beauty! I'd love for you to join us there! We have many new members applying daily, and it's an active community that we'd like you to be a part of.

At _b_e_a_u_t_y_ your beauty is judged as well. As an inner beauty rating community, we are all nice members, and are looking for new members to join us.

Join _heaven_x_sent_, a community that's looking for new members!!

innerbeautyx is an inner beauty rating community that many people are in. Over a hundred members are at the count as of right now, and we would like more. With weekly themes, and more, you can't miss out!

angels_within is a small community that was once very active. Now it's active once again with new members joining daily. Why don't you be one of those members?

ineediwantiwill is a large community that's also very active with many members. They have a lot of people in this community that would be willing to help you with your problems. Why don't you come over and give us a try???

Also try b_e_a_utiful___. It's a community that's starting to be active once again after a short period of no activity. Members and mods are VERY nice!!
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