Serianca (fahisha) wrote in thecommunity,

December 18th, 2004

A table sits at the far end of the Masquerade Ballroom, all eyes turned to the magnificent gifts that lay upon it's top..

A Gem rose; The petals made of glistening ruby, carved in an intricate way, they seem to magnify the topaz center and the long emerald leaves and stems of this precious flower. A Memory Harp, in which the musician can create images and moving scenes before their audience. A golden dragon egg, that spawns a tiny creature for your own; behind it sits the rearing mother, watching carefully. Every year this dragon will shed slivers of gold. A Transport mirror, and a smaller hand mirror, for the user to fling themselves to any space of land they wish to be on. A star made out of the finest, strongest glass, and within it, floating (contained?) in a special kind of water, rests the power of Star Fier. Yet there are still five resting covered beneath a peice of silk; what could possibly be hidden so? What creations are waiting for open hands?

Come to the continuation of the Masquerade Ball; Mass Rp, on December 18th! The mighty feast is still to be had, and for the women that join the very last dance? Those gifts sitting upon the table will be placed in their hands for whatever purposes they might wish.

You can find more information on our Red Dragon Inn Livejournal Community, our Message Board, or simply check out more about the RDI at the Red Dragon Inn's Webpage.

We hope to see you there to join in on the fun!
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