SUPA Tink to the rescue! (tinkerkels) wrote in thecommunity,
SUPA Tink to the rescue!

Open House! Come try us out!

Come join us at ljmovies!

Hi, welcome movie addicts.... so you are addicted to movies ?


This is the community for you then, where you never have to admit you have a problem! haha ....... Finally a place you can discuss anything and everything movie related! without any DRAMA or flame wars!

We have movie chatter, reviews of old and new movies, polls, quizzes, CONTESTS WITH PRIZES! and everyone loves to win! righT?

And it is the only place to get the BZZZZ REPORT! with Buzziedoodle the bee!

So why not join us and give us a try... kinda like a 2 week free trial! and if you love us which I have no doubt you will then guess what it's still FREE! So why wait?? join today! and never miss a minute of the fun! and get to meet some really nice people BONUS! told you we have everything!

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