A Dementor (secretenemy) wrote in thecommunity,
A Dementor

Growing RP, But Great Characters Still Available!
sorry for crossposting... im horrible

****This is a follow-up post from two days ago.*****

If you've always wanted a good RP character, but they've all been taken, please consider joining our fairly new community, diagonally (spelled without an E). We are already very active, and have great players for several of the characters already.

TAKEN: Harry, Draco, Cho, Ginny, Hermionie, Neville, Parvati, Millicent, and a Dementor

However some of the most popular characters still NEED players, such as:

Prof S Snape (and ALL Professors)
Ron, Fred, George W
Seamus F
Dean T
Luna Lovegood
Pansy Parkinson
Remus Lupin
Sirius Black
ALL Hufflepuffs
ALL Ghosts
The Dursleys

....and so many, many more. Most of the characters in the series are available to be played, so please check out the full list in the user info!

Note, the community account itself is not in high use right now, however theres tons of action going on in the individual character journals. See diagonally's Friend's Page for a full taste! Please apply, I am not a picky person. As long as you have a good handle on the character, good grammar, and a great level of dedication, you're as good as in!
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