Ash (pixxxie_dust) wrote in thecommunity,

mizjerzey & avril0bsessed have made a new community

Its a Graphic Challenge community, for people that like to make graphics/blends...
Its about 10 minutes old, so there arnt many members yet, which is why I'm coming to you guys...JOIN THEIR COMMUNITY!!! *shakes fist* Its fun.....really.

Every week they have a theme, and then they'll post about 10 pictures of whoever the theme is about. You have to work with those pictures, using at least 2 of them. And then after a weeks worth of submitting, you vote on which one you like best. And then they pick 3 winners (gold, silver and then bronze) Being first, second, and third obviously.

So yeah, if you like making blends and such, join their community damnit. Its lonely.


Thanks! :)
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