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So fetch!


I dont know how to bold :/ Sorry!

Basics //





zodiac sign.



Cheer, Dance, Talking Online, Hanging out with friends and shopping

where you invited? if so, by who?
no :/

promote us, and link to where you promoted. (We do check)

Favorites //


Newlyweds/Ashlee Simpson/Family Guy


Only One/Yellowcard Lean Back/Terro Squad- Haha who cant love that song?

Josh Hartnett, Chad Micheal Murry

Resse Witherspoon,Rachel McAdams

Mean Girls! (duh) Good Will Hunting

stores/clothing line.
Hollister/Abercrombie/American Eagle

thing to do on the weekend.
Hang with friends, Go to Parties

place to hang out.

character in Mean Girls.

Your opinion of.. //

Britney Spears.
I used to love her but latley shes been getting on my nerves. Shes become really trashy, and in MY opinion she sings like a robot.

She has an amazing voice, but she hides it with being sleazy. She has been getting better with the clothes, and I love her song with Nelly.

Paris Hilton.
I think she is drop dead gorgoues, perfect and she seems like one of the sweetest girls in the world. I think the whole videotape thing was retarded, come one shes 19 and its not like most people havent bought that stuff on HBO if you know what i mean...

fat people.
I feel bad for them... well some of them. I feel bad for the ones who couldnt help it. I DONT feel bad for the ones who sit on the couch and eat all day, but i also dont think being bulimic or anerexioc will help anything. My sister was bulimic and trust me, its really not worth it.

fake people.
DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED! I know alot of fake people, and it is one of my biggest pet peeves. Why be something your not? I mean come on, your born the way you are adn theres not much you can do to change it. As for the fake personalities... I think those people should really take a look at them selves. Nobody wants to be around someone who will be one thing one day and something else the next.

ugly people.
Natrually ugly people like on Extreme Makeover, get my sympathy. But I know some people who could be gorgeous if they tried. If they wore makeup, actually cared about what they weared and hit the gym ocassionaly?

Your thoughts //

If you had one wish, what would you wish for. I would wish for a guy that doesnt use me, and loves me for my personalitly. I love boys, but they dont really get how hard it is to trust them, and then to let go when its over.

What is your favorite physical characteristic about yourself and why.
I love my legs becuase their not to short not too long, not to skinny not to fat, and there silky smooth ;)

What is your favorite personality trait and why.
I think im one of the funniest people in my group. I can make anybody laugh and can make anyone feel better.

When people first meet you, what do you think they think about you.
They probably think that im a bitch, but once they actually try talking to me, im a really sweet girl.

Tell us a SECRET! //
Haha okay ill tell you a little one and a big one. My little one is that once on my own, I ate a whole jar of peanut butter. And my big secret would be... that i stuck gum in my freinds hair when she was tlaking crap about me, and she had to cut like 5 inches off :/

Finally, at least 5 CLEAR pictures.. at least one body shot please :)

Im in the orange shirt in all 5. The only body shot i have is in the last one, and i dont look very good but hey?
C:\Documents and Settings\Warren Family.CX716668-D\My Documents\My Pictures\BAH.jpg
C:\Documents and Settings\Warren Family.CX716668-D\My Documents\My Pictures\BAH2.jpg
C:\Documents and Settings\Warren Family.CX716668-D\My Documents\My Pictures\BAH3.jpg
C:\Documents and Settings\Warren Family.CX716668-D\My Documents\My Pictures\BAH4.jpg
C:\Documents and Settings\Warren Family.CX716668-D\My Documents\My Pictures\BAH5.jpg
C:\Documents and Settings\Warren Family.CX716668-D\My Documents\My Pictures\BAH6.jpg

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