Valerie (valliegirl) wrote in thecommunity,

We're obsessive.

We're collectors.

We scour ebay for that hard to find item at a reasonable price.

We grew up on She-Ra and Star Trek.

Now we have our own Haven.

femmefan: FANGIRLS UNITE!!!

This is a community for the females who enjoy Science Fiction, Fantasy, Animation, and Comics.

Come on in... all are welcome.

Are you a geek? Are you female?

Feel alone and cast out by Popular Culture?

So do we! Come in sister, and be welcomed.

Hide no longer behind your glasses and books.

Stand up and say it with me..

I'm a geek!

geekgirlz: We the She Geeks

This is a community open to everyone! You're welcome to come on in!
This is a journal for all the Net Girls out there.

She who maintains webpages.

She who spends hours online searching the net for info.

She who lurks in chat rooms and message boards.

netgirlz: I'm so the Net Girl

Kick your feet up girls... Take your coat off.. Stay awhile.

This is OUR Domain.

Our community is open admission. And everyone is welcome.
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