promotejournal (promotejournal) wrote in thecommunity,

Please come and join my communities!

_these_words_ is a community for people who love writing, reading, etc. It’s a friendly community that needs more members. Things you can do in this community upon joining: get your writing reviewed, share your opinions on other members’ writing, talk about writers you like, discuss anything that has to do with literature. This community is members-only (a.k.a. friends-only) to make sure that your writing is safe from random searchers. Please read the user info before joining!

i_love_rock is a community for people who love rock music. It’s a place to make friends, discuss music, review albums, discover new bands, promote your band or bands that you like, and discuss anything pertaining to rock music! In the user info there is a helpful introduction survey for your first entry. Everyone at the community is really nice and we are looking for more people to be our friends!
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