Sheyenne (rabidpixie) wrote in thecommunity,

Our books for August have been chosen!

So come read with us at rapidreaders. We choose 2 books a month to read and discuss. The more members we have, the more lively the discussions we need YOU! There's no rules, no limits, and even non-members can post so if you want to read along, talk with us, or just lurk, feel free!

1st book of August is Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis

Price - $10-14 new (everywhere), $6 used on
Pages: 313-324 depending on which version you buy
Published in: 1980

Synopsis: A retelling of the Greek myth of Cupid and Psyche, located in an ancient kingdom near Greece. Orual, destined to be queen but never to find love, is the ugly sister. Clever and determined she is a just and fitting ruler. Her preternaturally beautiful sister, Psyche, is to be sacrificed to the dark god to end a plague, but is saved by the god of love. The love affair is doomed by the bitter motives of others. This is a tale of the deepest emotional needs, of jealousy and sacrifice. The most complex of all Lewis's fiction works, many-layered.

This community supports other book communities! There's room for us all on livejournal. If you'd like to be a sister community, just email me and we can trade links!
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