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Join dispelledbeauty. This isn't just any rating community, we judge on personality over looks. Posting pictures is optional. Don't be scared, the members here are friendly and open-minded. This is what a community should be. Just be sure to read the rules before joining.

join ljsfinest

When I tried to get into the are you hot communities i never got in...everyone always said:
"oh my gosh you're sooo cute!! but no :)"
and yea...so i said damnit...i'm just going to make a new community!
join are_you_cute

hott_mamii is a rating community. We judge you on your looks & answers. This community is open to both girls & guys, of all ages. Have fun & don't take things too seriously. After all, you are posting your pictures to be rated. So come on & join, have fun!

join __pretty_pretty

This is a community for anyone who has a boyfriend, or likes someone named Matt. You can talk about how much you like/love your Matt. This community is pretty much open to all topics. If you're going to post a picture please put it behind an lj cut. join matts__girl

The oddest rating community around. join black_duct_tape
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