July 19th, 2011


It never ends

Name: capt_america
Random: there is a movie coming out soon...
Theme: comicbook fandom community
Bio: For fans of Captain America, old & new

Name: comic_art
Random: posts are big
Theme: comicbook art
Bio: fans of comicbooks love the visual aspect sometimes more than the stories

Name: iconnage_art
Random: I wanted an icon community, dammit!
Theme: icon makers posting their work, nothing excluded so long as it follows de rules
Bio: kinda self·explanatory, right?

Name: answers_for_all
Random: not knowing stuff is actually beneficial
Theme: there are no stupid questions
Bio: Big fan of the random question communities when I first came to livejournal so I made one too

Name: anything_pink
Random: oddly my least favorite color
Theme: ...guess...
Bio: really have no idea what inspired this

Name: end_of_de_world
Random: don't be depressed cuz the ride is over
Theme: Discussions of various end of the world scenarios, prophecies, etc.
Bio: At some point or other the world is going to end. Discuss.

Name: mighty_avengers
Random: again, there are related movies coming out soon
Theme: The Marvel Universe's mightiest heroes
Bio: Fans of the Avengers, no matter which team or era

Name: silly_religion
Random: God must have a sense of humor...It made us after all
Theme: a place for serious and ludicrous relgious sharing
Bio: This community doesn't support any one religion, we're not about that! Despite what you may think from the appearance of the place this is not a Satanic community.

Name: usa_de_quirky
Random: things have kinda died down but I'd love to get them going again
Theme: Oh beautiful, for spacious...
Bio: American themed political discussion & humor

Name: video_embedding
Random: originally made this comm just for the links
Theme: for people that love video embedding sites / NWS...sorta kinda maybe...ish
Bio: You are welcome to post vids to this community if you join. Adult content or not, nothing needs to be behind an LJ·cut unless its multiples...and you really don't need to do that.

Name: weirdfolks
Random: Weird: unearthly or mysterious, Folks: people in general
Theme: all the wacky stuff that can be found online
Bio: On the plus side, if one of you demented geniuses gets a workable idea for world domination...this is the place to drum up your minions of evil!!
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