July 21st, 2010

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Next Launch: 22 July, Thursday, 4pm

Expect the following:
Gucci Inspired Shirt Dress
MNG-Inspired Sweet Dottie Dress
Lace Striped Maxi Dress
Chiffon Military Skirt-Shorts in 2 yummy pastel hues
Scallop Hem Dress in cute Peter pan collar
Boat-Neck Denim Mini in 2 denim washed colours
and more casual tops for your casual days~

Stay tune to our launch tomorrow at 4pm !


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Introducing.... Apparel of the day!

Hi dears!

You may have heard of things like "quote of the day", "soup of the day", "phrase of the day" etc etc,
But what exactly is this "Apparel of the day" thing?

Well, let's just say it's a way of thanking our customers.
Starting from today (19th July 2010), we at Chic Reverie will be:
  • introducing an apparel a day through our facebook page
  • any orders made for the "Apparel of the day" would entitle you to $2 off the retail price!
Hence, do watch out for this wonderful promotion coming right up throughout the week! (19th to 23rd July only)

Hesitate no more!! You only have 24 hours before this great deal of 2 whopping bucks off the retail price is over!!!

**Apparel of the day**

p.s: pls do e-mail us if you have any queries regarding this promotion!