October 27th, 2009

My muse Euterpe

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You wake up disoriented and in an abandoned theatre. The large and empty screen ahead is your only source of light as you try to figure out how and why you’ve arrived here. Your last recollection before your dreamless night was lying down in your bed and drifting off to sleep. You thought you were safe.

As you make your way to the outside you notice the sky a gloomy overcast that’s threatening rain, but the weather isn’t what bothers you; it’s that concrete wall surrounding the premises that has you worried. In the distance you can spot four tall buildings and even an Amusement Park, yet, as you continue to explore, any trace of an exit seems almost impossible. You’re trapped here.

Walking further you suddenly hear a disembodied cry of something horrible; something deadly, and it sounds hungry. Adrenaline pumping through your veins you stop and look for the source of the noise, but can’t find anything. You continue to walk forward, thinking it’s all in your head, thinking maybe you’re being paranoid, but another retching scream calls out; now it’s right behind you. And suddenly you realize that the threat is real and you better be quick on your feet if you plan to survive.

“Horrorwood” is a panfandom horror roleplay that takes place in an alternate city very similar to that of Hollywood, California, with the exception that the place has been barricaded from the outside world and is crawling with all too real monsters. Good guys, and even the bad guys, wake up to find themselves trapped and relying desperately on their keen survival instincts.

You’ll make friends, or you’ll make enemies, but be careful who you decide to befriend. The monsters aren’t the worst ones out to get you.

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