September 25th, 2009


having a format is handy for multi·comm adverts

Name: Art by InkComic·Art
Random: posts are big
Theme: comicbook art
Bio: fans of comicbooks love the visual aspect sometimes more than the stories
Typical Posts: most often covers of upcoming or old comics, no LJ·cuts required for single image posts that're tall, wide needs a cut. Multi posts either need a cut or need be in thumbnail format.

Name: PRETTY COLORSEpileptic·Arts
Random: if you're actually epileptic or photo sensitive you should stay away
Theme: flashing graphics & optical illusions
Bio: having heard enough other places complain of graphics like this being displayed, though it might be nice to have a place to actually post all that kinda stuff
Typical Posts: icons that're are visually disturbing, optical illusions, visual effects...basically anything that'll warp the mind

Name: Here there be dragonsEyeCatching·Art
Random: making up for never liking D&D
Theme: scifi & fantasy art
Bio: tend to see this kind of stuff at convention artshows or on covers in the fantasy section of most bookstores
Typical Posts: trolling the display sections of various artists and rehosting and posting their work, with credit

Name: Lots and lots of IconsIconnage·Art
Random: I wanted an icon community, dammit!
Theme: icon makers posting their work, nothing excluded so long as it follows de rules
Bio: kinda self·explanatory, right?
Typical Posts: a display of icons, occasionally linked to other places or vice·versa

Name: Round 2MUGEN·Art
Random: don't actually play it but am constantly fascinated regardless
Theme: aspects of the MUGEN gaming system
Bio: I use the stuff for mood themes but that doesn't mean I don't find the game itself absolutely amazing. It's geek crack!
Typical Posts: reviews of MUGEN characters and ongoing projects, embedded videos of game battles, etc.

Name: PhotobugsPhotobugs
Random: Click!
Theme: a community for avid photographers
Bio: A photobug is someone that takes pictures simply because they can, often has some kind of camera or something that can take photos on them more often than not
Typical Posts: we get so few but photgraphs of whatever, adult content. I've been largely posting stuff from conventions and family weddings.
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