September 16th, 2009

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Sex/Adult Communities of this Moderator

Name: Free Porn the SequelHouse·of·Skin
Origin: made by me
Theme: Naked peoples!
Bio: Supposed to be for male and female naked pictures but the percentages definitely favor naked women
Typical posts: Some post shots of themselves, most posts are whatever someone finds attractive. LJ·cuts are only required for multi·photo posts, single image posts do not require an LJ·cut. Thumbnailed images do not necessarily count as multi·photo posts.

Name: Temple of AresINeedtoGetLaid
Origin: turned over to me by the previous moderator
Theme: Place for LJ folks to meet and hookup
Bio: The idea is for people to posts casual sex type advertisements for themselves to meet others and fuck like bunnies.
Typical posts: Often works out as a sort of 'Add Me' community for sex journals. The idea of hooking up is prevailent but most of the members don't actually live anywhere close to each other.

Name: Little Black BookLJBooty
Origin: turned over to me by the previous moderator
Theme: Who on livejournal have you had sex with?
Bio: There's a number of questions on the profile you copy into your post and answer.
Typical posts: Pretty much what the bio suggests. Occasional posts about sex in general. This is not a community to hook up or sell anything. That stuff gets deleted as soon as the moderator sees it.

Name: Funky Monkey LovingOdd·Sex
Origin: made by me
Theme: You were planning on having sex but this is the stuff you weren't expecting
Bio: A place to discuss embarrassing sexual encounters, interruptions, mistakes, and anything else that is just all sorts of wonky.
Typical posts: Weird sexual encounters. Sometimes sex jokes or other funny sexual content.

Name: Fetish FashionOooooh·Shiny
Origin: made by me
Theme: A fetish fashion community
Bio: Nudity is not allowed...but latex is inherently see thru so that's okay.
Typical posts: Models or photographers posting their fetish work, people posting fetish outfits on models they find impressive.

Name: The Bikini ShotSexy·Swimsuits
Origin: made by me
Theme: Shots of hot women in even hotter swimsuits
Bio: Other than a "no mesh" policy, posts of women in any kind of swimwear. Nudity is not allowed but so long as nipples are not in view and the crotch is covered...that's fine here.
Typical posts: Mostly single image posts, LJ·cuts only required with multi·photo posts. Shots of men happen on occasion but only in humorous ways.

If this was somehow unclear, though I can't imagine how, these communities are all not work safe. If you're a member of one of these communities then you'd best use the friends filter (Clicky!) It really is your friend!
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