September 7th, 2008

I spend too much time online


While I understand a natural degree of nervousness for anyone that is either epileptic or photosensitive to want to avoid PRETTY COLORS!!!!Epileptic·Graphics on general principle. However you should consider that despite what the community looks like you don't really see that from your friendspage. At most you're just going to have to deal with a bunch of dancing bananas. There will of course be things posted there that might tweak you but we've got members that trigger from stuff post there sometimes and they actually say it's not that severe. Other than flashy stuff, PRETTY COLORS!!!!Epileptic·Graphics features optical illusions, trance videos, animated graphics, and there's a host of other stuff there designed to tweak anybody's brain.

Frankly, I sometimes just stare directly at PRETTY COLORS!!!!Epileptic·Graphics because it makes my eyes pulse and relaxes me.

Either way, if nothing else, you should check out the vaguely political post I made there this past Saturday. You will never look at McCain the same again!
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