July 23rd, 2007

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New and Improved!!

Established Roleplay starting out third year of roleplaying.
Exciting plots, friendly Mod & members, skilled rpers.

Characters needed: Peter Pettigrew, Ted Tonks, Hufflepuffs + Ravenclaws & Professors.
Inspired Original Characters welcomed.

Teenage years are difficult, years of change and growing up, of taking your place in the world.
No-one ever said it would be easy but no-one knew that your teenage years would be full of growing
danger. It is 1978 and the Marauders have left Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry.
Hogwarts is still a vibrant community with dazzling events & educational excellence but there are sneaking
shadows slowly creeping through the School. Far away from Hogwarts the Dark Lord is gathering power
& followers planning the demise of the non-pureblood community, including those studying innocently at
the renowned School.

Will you choose the path of the righteous?
Or will you be swallowed by the darkness?
There are worse things than tempting fate;
Tempting Sorrow.
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