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Friday, February 23rd, 2007

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Good Morning!
The Breakfast ClubWhat'd·you·have·for·breakfast?, or just daily_1st_meal if you wanna get past the bouncy tag and fancy wording, is simply a place to share what the first thing you ate was. On any given day...if you're online and you've eaten just post what you had.

This is as much a silly notion of mine as the fact I've worked with this guy for 2 years who, until very recently, had two frosted strawberry poptarts and a bottle of Coca·Cola every morning. I find it hard to believe there's a more unhealthy breakfast out there...but feel free to prove me wrong...

...or don't. I might learn a few healthy alternatives to what I usually do this way too.

Current Mood: hungry

Cut throat RP.
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Cutthroat records was created by Riley Carlisle, a former band member, to give new bands a chance to get started. Signing bands and promoting them to send out messages that stay with you, that's Cutthroats goal. But Cutthroat isn't just a record label, it's a lifestyle, a family.
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