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Sunday, August 28th, 2005

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Just a quick promo!
This community is for people who love trash talking, pop culture chit-chat, and posting funny photos/stories. We are less than two months old and have over 100 members, but we need more active members to keep the place going.

title or description

Read the community's userinfo for a detailed description of the place. If you have a sick sense of humour, this is totally the lj community for you. See you over there, and bring some friends!


Please join this community for lovers of films of all genres

Come join the INNER BEAUTY rating community deeperbeauty!!!

~~Over 50 Members!
~~Active Community!
~~People applying daily!
~~Nice Mods!
~~New Themes Weekly!
~~Weekly Contests!
~~Treasure Hunts!
~~Friendly, Helpful Members!
~~Bi-Weekly Discussions!
~~Easy Application!
~~Voted on INNER BEAUTY!
~~No Pictures Needed!
~~Easy-Going Rating Community!
Come Join deeperbeauty for a GREAT new family that will love you like a sibling!

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