August 9th, 2005

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Come join the INNER BEAUTY rating community deeperbeauty!!!

~~Over 35 Members!
~~Active Community!
~~People applying daily!
~~Nice Mods!
~~New Themes Weekly!
~~Weekly Contests!
~~Treasure Hunts!
~~Friendly, Helpful Members!
~~Bi-Weekly Discussions!
~~Easy Application!
~~Voted on INNER BEAUTY!
~~No Pictures Needed!
~~Easy-Going Rating Community!
Come Join deeperbeauty for a GREAT new family that will love you like a sibling!

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BTVS Welcome to Sunnydale

Joss Whedon Challenge

Are you a loyal fan of Joss Whedon?

Do you enjoy making Buffy/Angel/Firefly LJ icons?

Do you adore a weekly challenge which pits you against other icon-makers in the Jossverse universe?

Join i_heart_joss!!!!

Each week we will have a different challenge for you to enter...and, of course, there will be nifty brag banners for those who place each week!