April 16th, 2005

  • mmole

I <3 God.

I am not devout nor am I God-fearing. However, I do fear God in a way. Whenever I hear about God's Miracles, stigmata and stuff like that you know the iconizing miraculous events that God is involved with; I tend to question them. How? Why? questions.
.....However, I do believe in all these. I don't really know if this all-powerful God, as we call exists...Does he? Well for whatever reason, I am still a Catholic and will always be. And plus, he did save me. Aleluia!
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  • mmole

A Misfit's Bawl

A Misfit’s Bawl
It’s a nuisance to cry;
And to be misunderstood;
…I look around
… Walls collapsing
… Footsteps of a thousand legions drawing near

…I look up
…A charcoal grey sky trembles
…Drops of crimson blood hailed
…Death has spawned
It was a cause of a misfit’s bawl that I have been consumed of a lover’s roar
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