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Thursday, March 10th, 2005

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"Why should I join hot_pinkish," you ask yourself.
Here's why...
[x] It's so much fun, and crazy cool!
[x]Close to 100 accepted members, all of them awesome and unique in their own way.
[x]5 Unique and interesting applications to choose from.
[x]Crazy fun themes.
[x]We are unlike any rating community you've ever seen.
[x]We don't rate on looks, we rate on personality
[x]We're always crazy active!
[x]You really need to join now!

Come come come to to to hot_pinkish hot_pinkish hot_pinkish!!!
.Very active. Short application. Hot, smart members. Members will never have to promote. Many numbers of boys & girls. Over 300 Members. Diversity worshipped. Over 10 applications to vote on every week. Fun contests with prizes. Awesome picture themes with prizes. Sister communities welcome-comment here to be added.

Go join free_promotions for limit-less and rule-less promoting!
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