February 15th, 2005

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Join us at __honestreview. We aren't like other rating communities. We actually tell you what to improve upon, and we rate your looks, your journal and you on a scale from one to thirty. If you get over eighteen, you're accepted into the community and you may rate upon other people! Many new members daily! Join us TODAY!!

Join pwetty_graphix! This is a request community where we fill out your graphic requests. We make blinkies, FO banners, color bars, icons AND glitter names! The rules are pretty lax, and the mods are TREMENDOUSLY nice, so what do you have to lose for requesting something pretty?

Join __beauty_within, a community for all those people who believe that they have inner beauty that should shine and be recognized by others. It's already active, and we're looking for new members to join us in our beautiful intentions. I hope many of you will join us! With our new point system that allows you to auto-accept, and auto-reject members if you stay active, I'd come join right away and join in the fun.