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Monday, January 24th, 2005

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I just started a new graphics community. I'm guessing not many of you are in them, but I'd still like you to join mine. At this graphics community, we will make you Friend's Only Banners, Icons, Glitter Names, Blinkies, and Color bars, as long as you abide by the rules. Nice makers, and we'll help if you if you want. Please join pwetty_graphix! We're very nice, and we make your requests quickly and on time. Please join!! There's nothing to lose!

+active members
+points theme
+weekly themes
+daily mod posts


Scared of rejection? Dont be!! We hardly reject anyone!


Join this community Please!!!!!!!!
Well, this is a community for people who have trouble in life like cutting,bisexuality, and eating disorders, and other things.. If you are interested please join here... _unwantedsouls_ If you need to get ahold of us please feel free to comment in our journals, or IM us at brokenxxheart69 or liljennie567... Please feel free to contact one of us if you have any questions or comments...

Also, please no fighting, confrontations, judging, put downs, joking around and hurting others feelings, ect.

Thank you
your lovely Mods....... <3
join neon_hair!
Join neon_hair - for LiveJournal users interested dyeing their hair neon colors!

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