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Sunday, January 23rd, 2005

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the new rating/photography community! click to apply now~
Join us at __honestreview. We aren't like other rating communities. We actually tell you what to improve upon, and we rate your looks, your journal and you on a scale from one to thirty. If you get over eighteen, you're accepted into the community and you may rate upon other people! Many new members daily! Join us TODAY!!

+active members
+points theme
+weekly theme
+daily mod posts

Scared or rejection? dont be! We hardly reject anyone!


Vote Me Off


A site with kickass forums and gaming. You join a team, gather arsenal and vote other teams off while trying to vote one of your teamates into first place. This isn't a rating site at all. The forums are loads of fun because of the large amount of regulars who are contantly on the site 24/7. Check it out! There are a lot of features VMO has that no other site has.

If you choose to join please post in -this thread- stating that arcanebliss sent you.
join neon_hair!
Join neon_hair - for LiveJournal users interested dyeing their hair neon colors!

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