August 17th, 2004

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Does any1 no the next time that Streetlight Manifesto plays on LI cause i left b4 the first song they played at the downtown cause it was my first show and my parents didnt want me stayin too long(very gay)
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    Streetlight Manifesto- Heres to Life


Hi, I'm Alexis. I'm looking for a moderator for a new writing community called thebentpencil.I need one maintainer that will maintain with me and atleast three moderators. I'm going all out with this one and it's guranteed to be a sucess as I already have 30 people willing to join. So if anyone wants to help out, give me a hollar.

Benefits for Maintainer
//Year account
//I'll buy you more icons
// Free layout and icons untill you stop maintaing

Benfits for Moderators
//6 month account
// Free layout/icons made by Tina

I've added benefits because moderating and maintaing a community is hard work, everyone deserves a little something something.

Comment and let me know if you're interested. Thanks!