July 9th, 2004

bleeding eye

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nattyboh= community for the love of a great, cheap beer--National Bohemian.
essex_trash= community made for all the essex trash out there in lj land. the great town in baltimore county, maryland--Essex!!
md_music= fast growing community devoted to maryland local music. lists shows, bands, websites, bars...
md_rockstars= sister community of maryland music, easier place to list wanted items, wanted shows and wanted bandmembers...also lists shows and website info...
red_girls community for girls with Red Hair!
so_now_what community for people who have lost ones that they love and have no idea what they are supposed to do after the mourning is over...
suffering_girls= community for females who feel emotional and mental pain for loved ones...
sinful_secrets= community where you can share your deep secrets and sins...without fear of judgement...

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This is a community that has just been opened recently. It's pretty much no-holds-bard debates. You can debate pretty much anything, and do it in almost any manner you would like. Say your thought on religion, music, society, whatever your heart desires. We, the creators, think this can be a very successful community, and this community can only be successful with your help. SO JOIN! ^.^

Also, some people who are new to joinning communities aren't exactly sure how to join the community. If you want you can go to my Livejournal name: engulfedbypain and post in my most recent entry and I will walk you through it.



-Click the banner-

We just re-opened after the old mods quit on us, so now we are starting all over again and accepting people fast. Join to be a part of this! <3 Please say that crazy_kelly_ or Kelly invited you. Please and thank you. <3
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