April 22nd, 2004


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oh yes, another god forsaken rating community. More people to make you feel like shit, what fun! j/k I think this community is a bit different, i hope. Posting pictures are optional. All you need to do is fill out the application.


Another Art Community

Ever want to post art that you have made, but were too scared? Then giraffiti is the community for you!

Post anything from graphic art to photography. Anything is welcome! We're all nice users and will never put you, or your work down. Get objectional criticism. Feel like your work matters.

So come to giraffiti and start the fun!

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Looking for a rating community to join? Then check out star_beautyz and find out if you are a star beauty!

Are you an emo kid looking for a community to fit into? Come check out theemocorner! You must fill out an application to see if your emo enough for us, but we are still auto accepting so hey, if your not as emo you can still get in!

Dying to be accepted? Think your so damn pretty? Then join sodamnpretty!

Are you sweet? Are you juicy? Are you too hot to handle? Join juicy_sweet today and see if your juicy enough for us

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