February 25th, 2004

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new community!!!!

this community is strictly for ny ranger fans. that is, no one is allowed to insult etc. if you do you're retarded, will be kicked out, banned, and reported to lj abuse as well as a troll community where tons of idiots like yourself are reported daily. so how bout ya dont join then!

moving on :) this is a new one but hopefully this one will last because im in love with the rangers. ok so there's so many stats, scores, games, and other important info that should be spread among rangers fans but a community for it is lacking! i mean the islanders practically have an lj cult! soo how about this? a community that is for ny ranger fans and ny rangers and/or hockey related discussion!? works for me.

so rules:
1. respect.
dont be all fourth grade. people have feelings and those need respect. that means no:
1a. name calling
1b. slander of one's character
1c. mocking
1d. you can judge the rest. i trust that you catch my drift and if you're not sure that you do, dont join.
2. dont join if you dont like the idea.
haters not welcome.
3. please dont advertise communities!! and please dont advertise this one to others. its a respect issue.
4. please post a little entry about yourself upon joining.
5. please post often! the more hockey, the better!!

i cant really think of anything else which is bad.. really bad. so i hope people join.

maintainer: kennedygirl
yes.. a ranger fan lol


join today!! <3