February 24th, 2004


small promotion

I set up this community since I was searching specifically for a community that deals with people buying and selling anime.... I thought that a community set up specifically for advertising anime was a wonderful idea! be it Yahoo! Auctions, E-Bay, or just wanting to sell it off without using an auction based company, I figured this would be a great place for anime fanatics to meet up. I take no responsibility for any of the auctions or sales here, and I will not take any responsibility for those who dont follow through, or make bad transactions.... Please be responsable for your own actions and your own transactions.

This is a means of advertising nothing more...

Though if I do catch people with bogus sales or getting a bad reputation, they will be BANNED from the community.

Please shop responsably!

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more communities!! all of em for you to check out!

for rating.. be rated by cool people of lj. <3

for music fans and people seeking new music styles, for aspiring musicians, etc. a music community that is pretty spectacular! <3

for ny ranger fans!! a great hockey community that was just put into action today!

so join and spread the word! <3