February 3rd, 2004

Haven't Done This In A While

WHEN you go apply for these awesome communities don't forget to tell them that crashxburn sent you!!!

sweet_and_spicyPersonality and looks (survey is a must)
__pretty-looks w/ a little bit of info about yourself
_from_within_-complete personality, how interesting are you?
_kiss_or_diss_-are you kissable? Survey is a must along w/ pictures
foxi_bitchezeverybody can be cute, but are you foxi??!?
get_dirtyget down and dirty, but don't forget to fill out the survey on the way
you_r_beautiful-yes indeed you are!!

(no subject)

rockmyass_cosmo  is one of the best communities ever. Do you know why? Because it garners attention from Feminazis who wish to blame all of life's woes on society and the media and can't stand anyone who disagrees with them. Feminazis who, after banning me from their community, have invaded this one and called it unfair of me to threaten to delete their posts and ban them. Self-righteous hypocrites who hold double-standards have made almost no attempt at backing up their points other than repeating one thing over and over again, as if in an attempt to drill into my head; to brainwash me. The only other attempts at debating have been "Oh, you're wrong because I did this, and by the way, fuck you." Yes, logic.

      Oh, and who can forget "You're stupider than I thought," to which I replied "Yes, ad hominem makes the perfect argument," which was sharply commented on with "wow .. another person who used words like "Ad hominem" to defend themselves. How cool it makes you look." No, it doesn't make me look cool; it makes me look right. Why does it make me look right? Because ad hominem is the weakest of arguments. It's simply an attempt to gain the upper hand by making someone feel like shit, something which these people claim to be against. They are against society and the media making them feel like shit, yet they attempt to make others feel like shit. Besides men, their targets include anyone that disagrees with them.

Yes, it's a fun community. Feel free to join it and go to work against the people who wish to make America less fun.

rockmyass_cosmo : the anti-kissmyass_cosmo  community.

(no subject)

slipknotfans Brand new community for fans of the band Slipknot.

Have any sort of interest in any of the band members, the band itself, its' members sideprojects, etc?
Seen them play live and want to brag?
Met them and have pictures?

Whatever the case may be.. slipknotfans is the place for you!