January 25th, 2004



// a random note left at someone's table at a coffee shop
// an anonymous comment to brighten someone's day
// written letter in a book at the library

... all of these are anonymous deeds.

do you give anonymous deeds?

share them!

join anonymous_deed and tell stories of random deeds you've given or received. check out the community to learn more and find out what fun it is. check it out!
hummer at lake
  • exousia


Interested in making new friends?

Come join us at best_friend and try to find that special relationship that is oh-so-hard to find these days.

Everyone loves receiving letters in the snail mail!
Right now we're doing a pen pal project so that we can securely trade email addresses through the moderator so that we can have the chance to write to someone and get to know them. Every person who follows through should land up with 2 new pen pals.

Let me know if you're interested!