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Wednesday, January 14th, 2004

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This community is a caption contest community. I will post a picture and you, the player will make a caption for it. The next day you the player will vote on which is the best one.

Simple fun and entertaining, come on over and join the latest gaming community captioncontests
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Writing community for the talented
Do you like to write poetry, songs, stories, fanfics, etc.? Then livingfree is the place to apply. This community is for all the talented writers out there who want to showcase their abilities.

This community isn't for writing about talking puppies and bunnies that hop around. This community is writing how you feel or writing strong stories that are about something. You can write fantasy stories(of course) but all I ask is that you do something a little more than what kindergarten children would want to read about.

Apply now and make friends with all the talented writers like you! :)

Looking for sister communities as well. :)

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