July 26th, 2003

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join _theforsaken_ today

1.No god characters. Everyone has weaknesses�
2.No killing off any other character without there permission.
3.If you want to make a comment about something out of character, just put "OOC" (stands for out of character) before your comment. Example: ooc: Im loving this.
4.Please try to remember to put a day and time at the beginning of your post. Look at the most recent post in the community to see what day it is.
5.No negative comments or bad mouthing the muns (example: you write bad, you suck, etc.) If you do you will be banned.
6. Sexual post are allowed in the community but its prefered to keep it in your characters personal journal. Sexual ideas/plots and thoughts are allowed in the community. If you have post that deals with sexual content please put a warning.
7.If you go more then a month without posting you will be removed from the community. If you would like to be re-added simply email me. If for some reason you cant post for awhile but would like to stay in the community just let me know as well.
8. Please try to read the other character's private journals. It gives more insight into there characters.
9. Any character in the rp (new and old) needs to be played at least like 1-2 times every 2 and a half weeks or less. This goes for everyone. This rule is in affect for all characters unless they are characters for specific plots (ie pandora who doesnt interact unlesss she has to and is kept around for torture plots) or there is a circumstance with your character that you talk with me or Felicia about. This rule is also nullified if the player is going to be offline for some time. I would also like to add that if you can not keep up with your characters to either write them out, offer them to another character to play, kill them, or some other method to allow them to be used.

maintainer is vampyricdreams

check it out, it looks awesome.. doesn't it?

A code...

I Just Joined. Seems Like A Fun Place... Everyone Advertizing Their Communities. Haha. I Was Wondering If AnyOne Happends To Have A Code I Could Use... So I Can Make A Community And Post It Here Too ^_^!
Please Respond If You Do... I'll Make You An Icon Or SomeThing... In Paint [HAHA... It's all I Have]. Well, I'll do something for you, yeah. So Thanx And I'll Be Looking Forward To Hear From You.
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