carrie_alden (carrie_alden) wrote in thecommunity,

Were you a fan of Cherie Bennett's Sunset Island series?

If so, come join the new -- and seemingly only -- sunset_island community on LiveJournal!

Sunset Island is a series of young adult fiction books written in the early and mid 1990s by Cherie Bennett. The books, of which approximately 35 were published, focus on the lives of three main characters -- Carrie Alden, Samantha Bridges, and Emma Cresswell -- who are college students spending their summers as au pairs on the luxury resort island of Sunset Island in Maine. The books detail the highs and lows of situations that Carrie, Sam, and Emma face involving families, friends, the characters' employers, and the guys they meet on the island.

Although the book series is no longer being continued, I remember how much I loved reading Cherie's books, and from what I remember, she had an active fan base of "Sunset Sisters." So, if there are any of you Sunset Sisters out there, please join and post about anything you'd like related to the Sunset books!

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