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Join Digital Scavengers!

Digital (dig·i·tal) - Of or relating to a device that can read, write, or store information that is represented in numerical form. (Digital is the most comprehensive of the words, and can be used for almost any device or activity that makes use of or is based on computer technology, such as a digital camera or a digital network.)

Scavenge (scav·enge) - To collect (salvageable material) by searching.

So what is Digital Scavengers?

Do you like scavenger hunts? Do you have a digital camera? Do you like to share your pictures you have taken? Then, join Digital Scavengers!

Here are the guidelines:
1. Your entries must be your own photographs. No going to google and looking up pictures. That's no fun!

2. Currently, scavenger hunts will be on a biweekly basis. The mods will post when all pictures have to posted by.

3. Each scavengr hunt will be a theme, and the items or subjects will be related to that theme.

4. At the end of the scavenger hunt, whoever has taken pictures of all the items or subjects wins. If there are more than one, the members will vote on who pictures best represent the items or subjects.

5. The winner will get to choose the next scavenger hunt theme and items or subjects relating to that theme (upon approval from the mods).

6. When submitting your submission, please put " Scavenger Hunt Submission" in the subject line. (Example: "December Scavenger Hunt Submission)

7. All photographs must be behind an LJ CUT. Here is information on how to do a LJ cut if you don't know how to do a LJ cut. If you want to post your submission on your website, please provide the link to the submission, not just to the website.

8. If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the mods.

Scavenger Hunt#3- Spring Is In The Air! (Hurry up and join! We just started Scavenger hunt #3!)
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