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Thank you for your patience babes!

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Attention to all ATM users:
Kindly note that all ATM payments must be accompanied with a snapshot of your ATM receipt for verification purpose.
We seek your co-operation for a smooth shopping experience.
Thanks lots!  =)

Note: Laundry care for all apparels
**Please hand wash seperately and use only light/mild detergent.

Do not soak in water. This is especially so for apparels with 2 or more colours**


Embellished Toga Dress

[Navy / Red]


PTP: 10 - 19  inches
Length from pit down: 26 inches

- Made of soft lycra
- Elastic band all round bust
- Embellished Toga details

An ASOS inspired piece.
The embellished is intrincate and the slant drape toga is the key timeless
chic details for the piece!
Look perfect this CNY!

: Last piece

: All Pending! 
Leave a comment if interested. Will place you in the waiting list =)

Oriental Floral Bustier
[Cream base]


PTP: 13.5 - 17  inches
Length n: 31 inches

- Made of structured floral material
- Elastic band at back & waist
- Hidden side zip

How about some mandarin orient floral detail dresses that boosts those CNY moods?
We are sure you are bound to look perfect this CNY!

: Last piece!

Tiered Frock
[Navy / Red]


PTP: 15 - 17  inches
Length : 32.5 inches

- Made of lycra
- Layered tiers
- Non-adjustable straps

This versatile piece spells comfy!
Wear it on it's own as a flare dress and hide those tummy on your buffets or dining days, or
pair with a belt to flatter those waist lines!

: All SOld!

Red: All SOld!

Chiffon Toga Bustier

[Indigo / Ivory / Mint]


PTP: 14 - 18 inches
Length from pit down: 26 inches

- Made of chiffon
- Fully Lined
- Anti-slip rubber
- Elastic band at Back & waist
- Hidden side zip

This pretty chic piece catches our eye immediately when we first saw it!
We love dresses that are elegant and feminine, especially when it's made of soft flowy chiffon!
Wear it as a toga or drop thoe strap at the side to wear as a tube!
Come with anti-slip rubber.

Mint: All Sold!

Indigo: All Sold!

Ivory: Last piece

Crochet  Babydoll Top

[Hot pink / Dafodill / Forest]


PTP: 14 - 18  inches
Length: 17.5 inches

- Bust portion made of intrincate crochets
- Bottom made of smooth chiffon
- Fully lined
- Adjustable Straps
- Elastic band at back

Totally in love with the fully bust crochet details and soft flowy chiffon bottom.
Colours are just so yummy ! love the pretty shades..
A top perfect for everyday wear. Easily matched with any bottom!

: All Sold!

Dafodill: All Sold!

Hot Pink: All Sold!

Ruffle Side Toga Top

[White / Red]


PTP: 15 - 16.5  inches
Length: 22.5 inches

- Made of structured cotton
- Ruffles made of chiffon
- Hidden side zip

Simplicity and structured material gives the toga top a clean streak look!
Match with any bottoms / bandage skirt,
you are perfect for a whole day out without looking sloppY!

Red: Last 2 pieces

White: Last 2 pieces

Embellished Maxi



PTP: 14 - 21  inches
Length from pit down : 52 inches

- Made of lycra
- Fully lined
- Elastic band at waist
- Adjustable Straps
- Embellished carefully sewed on

Another maxi that caught our attention with it's pretty embellishment
carefully sewed on at the neckline!
Classy! Minimal accessories needed.

: All Sold!

Panel Bandage Dress

[Navy / Blurple]


PTP: 14 - 18 inches
Length : 32  inches

- Made of thick polyester spandex
- V-Neck and V-back

Perfect dress for work and play! All you need is a blazer to go with it in the office.
Horizontal Panels enhances those figures with slimming effect!

: Last few pieces!

Navy: Last few pieces!

Wavies Bustier Dress

[Red / Cream]


PTP: 14 - 19 inches
Length from pit down : 26 inches

- Top portion made of cotton
- Bottom made of soft chiffon
- Fully Lined
- Adjustable straps
- M-shaped bust
- Elastic band at back & waist
- Hidden side zip

An ASOS inspired bustier dress, with wavy chiffon layers that swings you feminity.
Perfect for CNY , and to work/play!

Cream: All Pending! 
Leave a comment if interested. Will place you in the waiting list =)

Red: All Sold!

Floriin Chiffon Dress

[Hot Pink / Ivory]


PTP: 17 - 20 inches
Length: 32 inches

- Made of chiffon
- Fully Lined
- Slight pleated
- Complimentary black waist sash

Simple classic dress that spells elegance.
Skirting is flare and  flatters all figures with the complimentary black sash.
Hearts the flowy material and layered pieces details at shoulders!

Ivory: Last piece!

Hot Pink: Last pieces

Low Scoop Dress


PTP: 15 - 19 inches
Length : 33 inches

- Made of quality thick chiffon-like material
- Boutique standard quality! Quality assured!
- Fully Lined
- Back Zip
- Elastic band at waist
- Low scoop back. (still can wear normal bra)
- Complimentary colour matching waist sash

Dance in your dresses in this cheerful coral dress with rounded lace details,
and sexy low scoop back.
Able to wear normal bra, without those bra straps peeking out!

: All Sold!

Mellody Lace Dress

[Black / Navy]


PTP: 20 inches
Length: 32 inches

- Made of cototn
- Intrincate laced and top and hem
- Elastic at waist
- Complimentary brown belt as shown

Chic and elegant says all in this casual dress.
Laced top and hem gives off some feminity peeks,
while the casual style says perfect for all occassions!

Black: Last piece from restock!

Navy: All Sold!

Laced Fringe Mini

[Ocean / Cream]


PTP: 22  inches
Length : 33 inches

- Made of chiffon with shinning inner lining
- Laced top
- Single button closure back
- Elastic band at waist

Timeless chic piece that brings you anywhere.
Intrincate lace top details with fringes adds more chic to it.
Pair with a belt to enhances those waist lines!
*belt not included*

: Last few pieces

Cream: Last few pieces

Mandarin Collar Top
[Crimson / Ocean / White]


PTP: 14 - 20 inches
Length : 23 inches

- Made of soft comfy viscose
- Functional back mandarin buttons
- Key-loop front

How can we leave out mandarin tops in CNY?
Though casual, they are essential for those going on casual visiting.
Look extremely perfect this CNY even if you are dressed casually !

: All Sold!

Red: All Sold!

Ocean: All Pending! 
Leave a comment if interested. Will place you in the waiting list =)

BCBG Max Azria Inspired Drape Dress


PTP: 14 - 18  inches
Length : 33 inches

- Made of superior lycra polyester mix
- Boutique standard quality! Quality assured!
- Fully Lined
- Back Zip
- Elastic band at back

This dress needs no intro. The dress says it all. Perfect's the word!
The material is awesomely great, of boutique standard and quality assured!
BCBG inspired dress.. we are sure you will love it as much as we do!

All Sold!

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