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Hello All. I've made a new community which I hope becomes sucessful. I'm currently looking for moderators right now, as I don't want to ask people on my friends list. The community is a writing community called writeforyou. It's in it's beggining stages, but with 2 or 3 more moderators, it'll be the best community it can be. Even if you don't with to help moderate, you can always sign up. It's going to be great, you've got my word. ^_^

Interested? Email me @ or visit my main journal staticfanatic and comment on my most recent post. Thank you. ^_^

Some qualities I'd like to have in a moderator includes:

- Someone who is trustworthy.
- Someone who isn't too busy for the community.
- Someone who is willing to work on daily activities with the community.
- Someone preferably over 17.
- Someone who accepts responsiblity.
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