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christian_cafe is an "add me" type community, but a tad different. Here, you must tell about yourself to get add lj christian friends &/or meet someone for maybe a penpal or a romantic interest. But the biggest focus in this community is Christian Signles who are looking for love on lj. There is a lj singles community, but not too many Christians are a part of it. I got this idea when I was always chatting in the Christian Singles room on AOL. But I wanted to create a lj community with the same reference. Please join today!

dirrty_gals is a rating type community based SOLEY on Xtina fans!
If you love Xtina, please read the rules 1st, then join!

cutie_patooties a friendly rating community on cuteness. :)

ljratings...Like to have your lj rated or want some tips? Come join here & let me see what I think of your lj!

mi_ljfriends is JUST that! If you live in MI or are looking for friends in the state of MI, then please read the rules & then join.

80sclaims is your one stop claim that favorite item from the 80s.

deluxedesigns my private styles I create for PAID users of lj!
Join ONLY after you have read the rules! TY

ljover20 is for all you ljer's who are 20-30 years of age!

ljcats Are you a fan of cats (the animal)? Then join here & share your stories & pics! >^..^<

addme_30andover Make friends that are 30+!

ljland is another type of promoting community! SO join & PROMOTE away!

february_bdays is for ANY ljer who was born IN the month of February.

barbiecollector is a community for anyone who loves Mattel's BEST selling doll, Barbie!!
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